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How to choose a Halloween costume? Here are the styles that suit you!

Halloween costume

Man, choose a different style for an unforgettable Halloween! Women: Designed more styles for the ever-changing you. And couple, children, families, pets!

Man: Choose a different style for an unforgettable Halloween!

1. Cool: Match for your charming temperament

2.Special: Show your unique charming and become the most special in the party

3. Interesting: Tired of common styles? Then change to something interesting!

4. Horror:The most suitable for Halloween must be the horror style

Women: Designed more styles for the ever-changing you

1. Don’t forget to show your beauty even on Halloween

2. Sexy is your best weapon

3. Special: Become the most eye-catching presence in the party

4. Cute: Cuteness is irrelevant to age

5. Interesting: Be a funny Halloween elf

6. Horror:Carry terror to the end

7. Cool Girl: Who says girls can only be sexy and cute

Couple:Are you prepared Halloween costumes for yourself and your dear?

1. Cute: Become the cutest couple in the street

2. Horror: Scaring couple at a glance

3. Special: Praised couple

Children:Choosing the trick or treat costume for child

1. Cool: Cool kids may get more candies

2. Horrible: Let children fully experience the atmosphere of Halloween

3. Cute:Wearing cute clothes will be more cute



1. Cat

2. Dog

3. Lizard

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Hosting Halloween Party – The most complete tutorial

It’s the annual Halloween again, a joyous and interesting festival. It is not only a day when children are excited and looking forward to, but also a time for family and friends to party and revel together. Have you been dazzled by so many Halloween styles and various of Halloween products, have no idea how to plan a fresh and memorable Halloween party? So, let me show a complete process and precautions for hosting a Halloween party for everyone!

Hosting Halloween Party
Haha, follow me through the process

The article includes:

  1. Party Themes
  2. Decoration Ideas
  3. Invitation
  4. Music
  5. Food
  6. Activities

Halloween Party Themes

First of all, you need to determine the scale of your party. There are roughly the following three types: small and simple family gatherings, medium and large parties with 15 people or more, and large themed parties.

  • A. Decorate simply, small party (about 5 people)
  • B. Medium and large scale (include yard) more than 15 people
  • C. Large theme party

Eg. Fairy Tale theme, Pumpkin theme, Ghost theme, Haunted theme, Graveyard theme, Punk theme, Harry Potter theme, Gothic style, Zombie theme, Vampire theme, Circus theme

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

According to the size of the party, we can start to choose the products needed for decoration on the basis of your favorite theme or style. The following provides decoration suggestions for different party sizes and regions.

A. Decorate simply, small party (about 5 people)

If you just want to simply invite a few friends or neighbors to have dinner at home, then you don’t need too much ornate decoration and arrangement. The main decoration areas include the corridor, living room and kitchen.

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B. Medium and large scale (include yard) more than 15 people

If you want to invite more people for a medium or larger party,then addition to the basic simple decorations what I mentioned above, you need to decorate more for larger party

C. Large theme party

Large theme parties require more thoughts and efforts to plan and prepare. The following provides you with some ideas according to different types.<%Fp>

    1. Children-Friendly: Fairy Tale theme, Pumpkin theme, Harry Potter theme, Disney theme
    2. Thriller Style: Ghost theme, Haunted theme, Zombie theme, Vampire theme, Murder theme</liE
    3. Special Style: Graveyard theme, Punk theme, Gothic style, Cus theme

Halloween Party Invitations

It is an important part of holding a party is to send out your party invitation to everyone. You can choose an invitation card or email and of course, you need to indicate the time and some party requirements in the invitation. Here’s the link of templates
Email: Email Halloween template download

Invitation card:

Halloween Party Music

The essential element of the party atmosphere comes from music. In addition to the weird decoration and lighting, you also need to prepare a list of Halloween songs.

Creepy music: like “Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Thriller” on your list. Make sure the mood is festive so that everyone can really dance.

Some music download addresses for your reference:


Epidemic Sound

Halloween Party Food

Provide guests with special Halloween food and let everyone have an unforgettable experience in terms of sight and taste!

1. Drink:

halloween party food


Ingredients: Blueberry lychee Edible red pigment
Cranberry juice/Wine Ginger ale lychee juice Glove ice cube


Halloween Party Drink


halloween party food

1. Put 5 ice cubes into the glass
2. Pour milk,add espresso and Edible charcoal powder
3. Join syrup and stir well
4. Squeeze the cream on top for decoration



Halloween Party Drink


halloween party food


Ingredients: 150g butter, 120g powdered sugar, 40g liquid egg
270g low-gluten flour, 5g pumpkin powder, 1g salt
1g vanilla extract, chocolate



halloween party food


Ingredients: 50g butter, 30g powdered sugar
150g low-gluten flour, 1g salt
1 egg, some almond



halloween party food



Take use of fruits, vegetables and small decorations to make colorful platters

halloween party food


Ingredients: 2 Apples, Peanut Butter Marshmallow




Halloween Party Fruits

Halloween Party Fruits

4.Pie, Staple food

halloween party food


Brain Pie
Ingredients: Pie crust, 80g butter, 30g sugar,2.5g gelatin
100g Cheese, 5g rum,10ml raspberry syrup



halloween party food halloween party food

halloween party food


Cuttlefish Noodle
Ingredients: Cuttlefish noodles, 1 tomato, 1/4 onion
cheese, ketchup, diced beef, garlic, pepper



Halloween Party Pie


Halloween Party Activities

If you make a party, you need to organize some activities so that everyone can spend the party time happily. Providing you with some activities according to different party.

A. Decorate simply, small party (about 5 people)

Dancing, watching horror movies, making pumpkin lanterns, drawing and guessing, telling horror stories, playing games

Try playing creepy games like Bloody Mary, The Midnight Man, Seek and Kill, the Oujia board and Halloween box

B. Medium and large scale (include yard) more than 15 people

Balloon battles, costume draft, catwalks, masked ball, talk shows, making handmade souvenirs

C. Large theme party

Room escape, haunted house, maze, treasure hunt activity

Holding a party is not a easy matter. Here are some notes and tips, I hope it can help you organize a perfect party.


1. Whether it’s a simple or a large party, don’t forget to prepare some sweets and candy bowls for children
2. Encourage adults dress up
3. Buy yourself a set of clothes, you need to dress up as a organizer
4. Decorate the entrance and yard, create party atmosphere from the gate
5. Try to drape colored fabrics on the wall to make additional effects
6. Invite people of all ages to participate in the party
7. Hire a DJ for a wonderful fancy party!


1. Make sure your guests are not allergic to food
2. Some of your guests may disapprove of holding weird parties for children, and subjects that are too horrible or bloody may be rejected
3. Please avoid children eating too many candies at the beginning of the party, so they can enjoy the game and show themselves to fight for rewards in the party. ( It is the parent’s responsibility to discuss this with your children, so please don’t get tired of it)
4. Don’t make too much noise to affect others, easy to be complained
5. Pay attention to the precaution of C19, prepare some masks at home
6. If you use real candles, pay attention to fire safety