KK Multicopter multicontroller v5.5 " Blackbo SMD TriCopter

KK Multicopter multicontroller v5.5 \



The KK is the original new-kid-on-the-block which kicked the expensive MikroKopter off the anthill and set the standard for a people's-copter. The KK muliticopter 5.5 board/CPU is now a well advanced product for Remote Control RC Hovering, Acro, home movie making and FPV flying in Australia. now Shipping worldwide. This is our RC PILOT'S board - and does not require any soldering - so It's perfect for a first-time-multiCopter experience without first getting a Degree in microchip programming or soldering!


The KK 5.5 blackboard can be used to fly these multiCopters


•KK PowerTower/Osprey (2 rotors) as per Avatar Gunship

•KK TriCopters (3 rotors) - cheaper to build - less motors and ESCs - uses one servo

•KK QuadroCopters (4 rotors) either Quad+ or QuadX - The most popular - no servos

•KK SexyCopters (6 rotors) also known as a HEX - more grunt to lift a payload - expensive with 6 engines and 6 ESC's. Multi engine Redundant - one engine failure does not effect control.

•KK Y6 (with 6 rotors) also known as a Y6 (3xpairs of counter rotating prop sets.) Can shoot photos without the props in the shot. Multi engine Redundant - one engine failure does not effect control.

The board takes a pilot commands from the Rx , sends all that PPM RC stuff to the Atmega168 microchip, it reads the MURATA gyro info, then controls/commands the brushless motors (Via the M1 to M6 pins on the board) to speed up or slow down ( backwards, forwards, left, right, yaw). It almost hovers itself - OK you have to do something... Then on the command from the RC Pilot does what you say. No servos - no gears - OK well In the case of a Tricopter, one of the pin connectors (M4) will control a servo to achieve yaw authority.



Why KK?


•Stable hovering - much easier than an RC Hellcopter - only requires a basic transmitter on aeroplane mode

•Twice the flying time of any RC electric helicopter if configured correctly. Less friction. See the photos on this site home Pg for a guide to accepted rotor spacing and light-weight construction. Smaller LiPos with higher C rating give longer flights - Heavy LiPo's exceed disc loading and the props will struggle. Larger props with a low pitch value move more-air slowly - high pitch props are less efficient because they generate unwanted annular ring vortexes.

•Multicopters are very hardy and crash worthy especially for Noobs - unlike a RC Helicopter only the prop on the impact side is effected - no gears are used. It's recommend to learn to fly a simulator in Heli mode to become orientated to reverse and side-on orientation.

•The KK board is an excellent ARF board with over a 1000 sold world wide and a huge support community at the Official KK site and on the forum at RCG.
•The KK 5.5 control board is Targeted at RC enthusiasts who don't want to solder anything.
Why choose US? We can Preloaded the XX software.

amazing but true - we can preload the XX flight software for you and actually test run your board! So if If your not into chip level AVR programming and fuse settings - no worries - it's done. all you will have to do is make your frame and FOAM TAPE mount the 5.5 board in the correct orientation - arrow facing the front - then 1) Setup your Tx NORM/REV 2) Calibrate your gyros so they are multi-engine synchronised (the KK board has a procedure for this) 3) check the gyro orientation and change it if necessary - ie Any down-going engine should increase RPM. 4)Learn to Arm it or disarm it - The Tx stick is moved to THRO off and full right rudder to arm etc.. 5) Then install the Props (balance them on a magnetic balancer first) and Fly





The v.5.5 has the Atmega168 AU20 chip on board and an ISP header to load the software with a USB->ISP 6 pin

•Now with the new Murata® Gyrostar™ Gyros x 3

•Now with smaller caps - All caps, except C5 C6, C7 and C8 are now ceramic 0.1 uF
•Slot mounted Yaw gyro - stronger than side mount - (recommended you add thin cyno for extra protection)

•Atmega168-AU20 - More memory so you can use a USB->ISP 6pin board to change your chip software to the XXcontroller soft by to KK or Mike Barton, XX Minsoo and others. If you want to.

•Cool BLACK soldermask to match your black car :).
•Small - only 50mm square - easy to mount - Face the Arrow forwards - Use double sided adhesive FOAM tape to mount the board - Gyros are delcate sensors and even though the Murata piezo gyros are resistant to vibration - you will get a much better more craft with FOAM tape to isolate the gyros from airframe vibs.





•Keep more than 30m from persons,choose an empty sports field for your first flights
•Do not fly near pets, houses or cars

•Never fly within 3nm of an airfield or above 400ft;
•Never install your props until after the Multicopter is fully tested and 100% correct without props. Engines can start suddenly and without warning IF YOU FAIL to understand how they work or skip any steps.

•Always keep your Copter in line of sight - FPV is only legal in AU with a buddy on a buddybox - See CASA Part 101 Regs
•RC Flying is a privilege - please enjoy it. Don't show off and don't get over confident

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